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Kiewit Construction: Building a Legacy of Excellence


In the vast landscape of the construction industry, few names resonate as strongly as Kiewit Construction. With a history spanning over a century, Kiewit has left an indelible mark on the infrastructure, energy, and power sectors. This article delves into the rich history, core values, notable projects, work culture, sustainability efforts, and recognition earned by Kiewit Construction.

The History of Kiewit Construction

Early Beginnings

Kiewit Construction traces its roots back to 1884 when Peter Kiewit, a skilled stonemason, laid the foundation for what would become a construction empire. His unwavering commitment to delivering quality workmanship and meeting project deadlines soon earned him a reputation for excellence.

Expansion and Growth

In the decades that followed, Kiewit Construction expanded its operations and ventured into diverse markets. Their ability to adapt to changing times and embrace innovation propelled them to new heights. Today, the company operates across North America, taking on projects of varying complexities.

Kiewit’s Core Values and Philosophy

Commitment to Safety

Safety stands at the forefront of Kiewit’s operations. The company upholds stringent safety standards and prioritizes the well-being of its workforce, clients, and communities. This commitment has earned them accolades for their exceptional safety record.

Quality and Innovation

Kiewit Construction’s commitment to quality craftsmanship is unwavering. They utilize the latest technologies and innovative techniques to deliver projects that stand the test of time. Their emphasis on innovation sets them apart as pioneers in the industry.

Environmental Stewardship

Understanding the impact of construction on the environment, Kiewit embraces sustainable practices. From minimizing waste to implementing eco-friendly solutions, they prioritize environmental stewardship in all their projects.

Notable Projects by Kiewit Construction

Infrastructure and Transportation

Kiewit has been instrumental in constructing iconic bridges, highways, and transit systems that connect communities. Their expertise in infrastructure development has played a significant role in enhancing transportation networks.

Energy and Power

The company’s involvement in the energy sector spans power plants, renewable energy projects, and oil and gas facilities. Kiewit’s contributions to the energy landscape have helped power countless homes and businesses.

Water and Wastewater

Kiewit’s capabilities extend to water and wastewater treatment facilities, ensuring access to clean water and environmentally responsible wastewater management.

The Kiewit Work Culture

Employee Development and Empowerment

Kiewit believes in nurturing its talent and providing opportunities for growth. Their focus on employee development fosters a skilled and motivated workforce.

Collaboration and Teamwork

Collaboration lies at the heart of Kiewit’s success. They foster an environment where teams work cohesively, bringing together diverse perspectives to overcome challenges.

Sustainability Efforts and Social Responsibility

Sustainable Construction Practices

Kiewit integrates sustainability into every aspect of its projects. From sourcing eco-friendly materials to implementing energy-efficient designs, they champion sustainable construction practices.

Community Engagement and Giving Back

Kiewit actively engages with the communities they serve, supporting local initiatives and charitable causes. Their dedication to giving back underscores their commitment to being responsible corporate citizens.

Awards and Recognition

Industry Accolades

Kiewit Construction’s relentless pursuit of excellence has garnered recognition from industry peers, solidifying their position as a leading construction company.

Safety Awards

The company’s safety-first approach has earned them prestigious safety awards, highlighting their commitment to safeguarding their workforce.


Kiewit Construction’s journey is a testament to the power of dedication, innovation, and a commitment to excellence. Through their transformative projects, sustainable practices, and unwavering values, Kiewit continues to shape the world we live in.

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